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Alan Moore's "Twilight of the Superheroes"

You guys know that back around 1986, not long after Crisis on Infinite Earths, Alan Moore proposed another multiverse crossover featuring John Constantine? DC turned him down on it, obvs, but the 38-page-or-thereabouts proposal inevitably found its way to the web, where DC has been waging a holding action against it for a few years now.

Took me a while to find an extant copy of the proposal online, but victory is mine! It is indeed about as awesome as I've heard, and the the punchline is killer, quintessential Constantine.

Alan Moore's "Twilight of the Superheroes." Pity this never got told.
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Another take on Pandemonium

Originally I added this to the comments in hohaiyee's post, but then I figured, Ahhhh, heck, might as well post it out here.

Anyway, returning to this because I finally grabbed Pandemonium during my monthly pilgrimage to ye olde comic shop, and I find I agree with hohaiyee on some points but not on others.

I didn't feel that the writing lacked life. The narration felt very noir--cynical, spiritually battered, even cruel, but blackly vital, despite John's running commentary on his own "maturity." (Which is sort of funny because oh, John, you're so not. And you know it.)

The tremendous sense of deadness (IMO) came from the art, which I agree was just grueling. Collapse )

For that matter the plot had a similar effect, though it's Hellblazer so what should I expect there? Humanity is disempowered even from our own violence in this story, both by supernatural powers and by bureaucrats so aloof and autocratic that they come off almost as supernatural themselves. I'm left with a vision of your average person as a puppet or a game piece in the schemes of the mighty, not just the soldiers but John and the woman as well. I imagine this is the point; Delano makes it pretty clear that nothing really changes when it comes to power, and everything he was commenting on in his original run during the Thatcher years is still right there (including the cameras; the surveillance state began to become an issue under her administration), and still the same flavor of bleak.

But the art is still horrible and lifeless.

ETA: Oh, hey, I was going to end it there, but something just occurred to me. Until now I was thinking that Pandemonium really didn't bring anything to John's character other than "Hey, look at him getting old these days." But now that I think of it, seeing Delano on Hellblazer again made me realize that John's response to all this is significantly nastier than I think it would've been back in the early days. I've been rereading some favorite Hellblazer arcs since the finale of Supernatural put me in the mood (*cough*), and it hadn't struck me till now, with this chance to directly compare Delano's original interpretation of John with this older, more experienced version, how much John has hardened. I mean, he was never a nice guy, but back then he hesitated to put a gun to a serial killer's head and pull the trigger. Now, despite his enduring distaste for hands-on violence, I doubt he'd balk much at the same situation. Discuss?
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James Delano and Jock's Pandemonium left me depressed

The vitality that had made John Constantine so attractive to me, is gone. Delano's original run on Hellblazer was very political and dark, in the middle of Thatcher era, but there was still a hope for renewal, in remembering. Decades ago, there was a feeling in Delano's writings that though "starving -- the country ate out its own heart", it could pass. Today, well, will the cameras ever go away?

The storyline and John's thoughts and circumstances, was punctuated by Jock's nearly colourless art, I almost forgot that John's eyes were supposed to be blue. The scene of John Constantine, scurrying like an anxious old man on what was his London street, shoulders hunched beneath the glares of the street cams, just makes me sad and old (and I, unlike Delano who's the same age as John, am not old yet). In direct opposite to his swagger in Swamp Thing, John's posture throughout the entire book is closed in.

ETA: srs, it's in character, even the part which I wish weren't (when John lunched at someone...), and the universe fits together sensibly, but even when John puts out his own terms, there was no sense of rebellion, only old dude anger. The Chinese expression that won't leaves me is 行屍走肉, walking corpse moving meat. Look at the small scans in this article:
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Swamp Thing # 48: James Bondage featuring John Constantine


The context is wholly unsexy, but context is for the weak...and I just realised that the dudes that are standing in the background, that are dudes...don't look like dudes at all, those legs in the background look like the legs of dancing girls in mini-skirts (meaning that the publishers really missed the boat by not demanding Totleben to draw a larger clearer version of this for the cover Now was the dirty rag used for reference the property of Moore or Totleben?

From Issue # 48, "A Murder of Crows"
Written by: Alan Moore
Art by: John Totleben

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Yuuko - The Witch of Dimensions

Fanwork Rec Post

Rec something, the more hard to find the better

I'll start; Something hard would be the ones on the small sites out there, especially mixed with none Hellblazer fics, such as this site:
*Fonts of Wisdom

- Veritas by 'rith (kerithwyn)
Zatanna muses on her relationship with John Constantine.
-- double drabble, it's like...a taste of a feeling.

- May 10, 1976 by A. C. Chapin
John Constantine's 23rd birthday party presages much of his later checkered career...
-- I liked it lots, there are references to characters in another universe, but you don't have to know them for this short story to make sense, they are just there like easter eggs.

- Deck The Halls by Dex
John Constantine meets Santa Claus -- sorta.
-- This has a rather Garth Ennis feel to it; nasty bits of humanity ahead.

- Paying For It by Dex
A Christmas story, about magic, belief, tricks, dreams and John Constantine.
-- The format is an OC telling John about what she did, it reads like the comic, one of those arcs that is more reflection than action, a downtime between the battles. I like this line; "summoning demons for power is about as brill as dumping a radio in the bath for music. "

- Bad Craziness by David Hearne
In Las Vegas the Pyramid's fountain starts spouting blood, drawing both John Constantine and a familiar pair of FBI agents to investigate.
-- A crossover story where the mood of X-Files and Hellblazer matches, dark humour and curious, vulnerable humanity, told through the alternating narratives of John, Mulder, and Scully.

Then there is
*Yuletide - Hellblazer (comic entries)

Now links to fics that most of you have probably read or heard of already:
- Hellblazer: Hogswarts by Camwyn
Sometimes, life bashes you upside the head with a brick in a sock. Hogwarts is about to get its latest Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, a man cast adrift from his native world- a man named John Constantine.
-- Warning: This is a wonderful, wonderful, unfinished fic with 10 chapters, and it's been unfinished since 2006. There wasn't any huge life and death cliffhanger, but well, stopping there is unsatisfying anyways. Written from John's view of the mad universe he's been dropped into.

- The Laughing Professor by captain_emily
-- stand-alone HB/HP crossover, HP universe's POV of John.

- Sailor Hellblazer
-- haven't read it yet, maybe I'm saving it up for a rainy day, but basically, Genma was supposed to be the new sailor soldier, but her Uncle Johnny took the fall for her.


- Prop me Up Beside The Jukebox If I Die by Tenshi-san, drabble, what it says on the tin.

- Santa's Little Helpers by Smitty, hosted at Firelord's DC Fanfiction...still reading this, found this via googling john constantine and tantric...

- Nothing Constant by sam_storyteller
Fandoms: Lovejoy (by Jonathan Gash), Hellblazer (featuring John Constantine), Lord Peter Wimsey (by Dorothy L Sayers)
Summary: Lovejoy has never met an antique human being before, but John Constantine has bigger worries on his mind than what one divvy thinks. Lord Death Bredon Wimsey has a book he wants, but that poor antique book is only the beginning of the trouble for the three men caught in its grip.
-- Warning: Incomplete and abandoned.
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Hey, anybody here got any fics (or links to), of Demon!Constantine?

I haven't read the arc where he lost his favoured status and then regained it, but Christ, why do I get the feeling that he's sorta like Lucifer's free-ranging pet?

...and um, is Hellblazer's First of the Fallen also Lucifer Morningstar? Like, Neil Gaiman wrote something on that, but featuring a blond Lucifer!